Friday, December 19, 2008

Not-so-Christmas Classics Part 3

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"Christmas List" by Simple Plan- a punk-ish band that really took off in '02-'03. Most of their songs are dealing with relationship problems, but their lyrics can be funny (although, sometimes inappropriate). This one made me laugh the first time I heard it as it describes the true meaning of Christmas (at least to some)
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First off, the song is just catchy. You can help but to tap your foot or bob your head (if you're might even be tempted to do both at the same time!) Now, as for the lyrics that get the point across:

"Christmas, so don't stop spending"
This really addresses the main problem that we should have with Christmas as it exists in our society- it has more to do with consumerism than it does Christianity. When I was young, I had no problem churning out a list of "needs" but I grew up in a world where it was Ninja Turtles, or GI Joes for boys, and Barbies or My Little Pony for girls... Every time I go to Wal-Mart, I am amazed at the toy aisles. I don't feel old, but I do when I think "I remember when there was a toy aisle, singular." It can't be easy being a parent of a young child today- it seems there are so many things that kids "need"...But even adults get sucked into this time where we try to express our love by how much we spend. I've already given a shout out, but I want you to be sure to check out Try to make this Christmas more about spending time with the ones you love.

"No matter what I get tonight, I want more"
The lyrics continue to poke fun at our insatiable need for things we don't need at Christmas. I've already addressed this, so I won't go on.

"Give me a time machine to take me straight to midnight, I'll be alright"
This is perhaps my biggest problem with the way we approach Christmas. As children, it's a waiting game and time seems to move extremely slow...think of the conversations on Christmas Eve- "Can we open one gift tonight?" This proves our lack of patience as children. As adults, we wait for that week off from work. We wait for the holiday traffic to be over. We wait for our Christmas bonus. We wait for the bargains on the 26th... But we forget to wait for God. We forget to give our attention to God instead of all of the things we do that keep us busy.

These songs help to keep me refreshed at the holiday season because they aren't worn out, and offer a reminder as to what this time is all about. Are there songs that you know of that aren't classics, but have a message that others need to hear at this time of year? Please share them by commenting.

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