Monday, July 28, 2008

...and tell.

This continues a discussion from youth last night about the song "Instead of a Show" by Jon Foreman. Click on his name to link to his myspace, scroll down a bit and find click on "Instead of a Show" to hear the song.

In this song, Jon uses a passage from Amos 5 to make a firm stance on how we should live as Christians. Amos spoke God's voice in saying that God hates and despises our religious gatherings. Instead, Foreman echoes the words of the Old Testament prophet, God desires us to live righteously by loving and helping others.

This song is one that should cause you to examine yourself: how you live, how you worship, and if those match up. Amos relayed God's message of dissatisfaction thousands of years ago, and we still have problems of people living church lives, instead of living a Christ-centered lives.

Last night, we were only able to look examine the passage in Amos, but there are passages in the New Testament that deal with the same problems... After all, serving others and doing good is what we are called to do. So, I promised that I would share a few more passages with everyone, here they are (click the link):

Matthew 6: 1-8 Titus 3: 3-8
After reading these, do you think there might be some more similarities between the messages of the Old Testament and New Testament?

What can you do in your life to live righteously, do good, avoid fighting?... And do it all in humility; not needing the approval of men and women, but constantly seeking God's approval.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Demands for God

The other day I went to a cookout. At the cookout were two small dogs. Both dogs were very interested in the food, and knew exactly who would give them food- their owner. This comes from receiving food after begging at other times before....anyway. The thing that amazed me was the persistence the dogs showed.

The made their presence known to their master, and made it clear what they wanted. Finally, they made it clear that they weren't going to leave until they got what they wanted. Eventually, they did receive a little bit of people food...a reward for their persistence and presence.

So, when you pray and ask for you just ask for it, or do you demand it from God. Don't feel that you're being selfish or greedy, unless of course you're motives are merely for your gain. Demanding God's blessings is perfectly fine, this is an expression of faith that God will give you what you need. Notice I said NEED, not just want. So, next time you pray for God's help, try trusting that it's going to happen and expect God to come through for you.

"He provides food for those who fear him; he remembers his covenant forever." Psalm 111: 5