Monday, December 22, 2008


A few days ago I was filling up my car with gas. Now that it's winter, the roads seem especially dirty, so I used the complimentary window cleaner at the pump. I washed the front windsheild, and began to squeegee it off. I couldn't quite reach all the way across the windsheild, so I began to walk around the front of the was about then that I felt a strange sensation- my feet were getting wet. I tried the little tiptoe out of the water backwards...but that doesn't work when the water is ankle deep and you're already a good five feet into it...Naturally, I got a little irritated because I was driving home and still had a good hour to go. But the only person I could really get mad at was me and my lack of observation.

Sometimes we get so caught up with what we're doing that we forget to pay attention to what's going on...and it gets us in trouble. We may think we're getting a lot done and doing a lot of good, but being overly focused on a task results in being less aware of things outside of the object of your attention. As a person disciple of Christ, it is your responsibility to spread the good news. Interestingly, the most distracting thing for us can often be ministry- we get so focused on what we're doing that we neglect our relationship with God... and the ministry we do turns into busyness. Not only our ministry can get in the way, our daily lives can too. However, it's much easier to admit that we've lost focus due to work, school...etc. But being too busy doing ministry to have time for God is much more difficult to notice.

Be careful not to let the things you do (in life, and in your ministry) become more important than your relationship with the God who sustains you. Continue to seek God daily through prayer and study.

"He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe." Proverbs 28:26

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