Wednesday, March 10, 2010

...and Thank You.

Some time ago I posted a devotional about presenting requests to God. I argued that you should pray confidently (almost demandingly). If you'd like to read that post, click here. While I still stand by my original advice, I would like to post an addition to it.

Recently I began reading a book that made me realize this approach may be more flawed than I originally realized. I don't think it's the action itself that makes it what would call "selfish" but the lack of discussion of how to react when the prayer is answered. I failed to include this important part of the post.

Too often I feel that many of my prayers are more like the wish lists that we come up with as children- lots of requests...then, when the gifts come, we are usually too swept up in the moment to really express proper gratitude for them. Sometimes I focus too much on what I want (or need) from God and fail to recognize the things I'm being given. And if I do receive what I am asking for, I'm afraid to say that I feel that my reaction is often underwhelming to God.

God, more than any giver of gifts, deserves to see your joy upon receiving what you requested. God deserves praise for delivering. God desires to share in your joy/relief/contentment. Don't deny this portion of your prayer life- allow your prayers to express the gratitude more than usual this week and in the future.

"I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me." Psalm 16:7


Amy said...

I totally relate to getting caught in the excitement of the moment and forgetting to give God thanks. Not only that... most of the time I forget I've even asked for it, and therefore totally miss that it's an answered prayer! So while I'm not much of a journal-er, this is one I'd really like to do: a prayer journal.

Russ Bowlin said...

great idea. i talked to a friend recently that does that and he was talking about how cool it is to look back at things and realized how they've all been taken care of...