Monday, February 2, 2009

Gravity does not forgive

Last night I was having fun on a Ripstik. I had finally become comfortable on the unstable toy, and was cruising around the youth center. I started feeling bold and decided it would be a fun to try a wheelie. Not a great idea. I rode the wheelie for a second (and that's being generous) before gravity took over and the one wheel I was riding on (the size of a roller blade wheel on a swivel) slipped out from under me... sending me to the floor. Now I have a sore elbow and my pride is still recovering.

"'Everything is permissible'—but not everything is beneficial. 'Everything is permissible'—but not everything is constructive." 1 Corinthians 10: 23

Paul writes this to the church in Corinth, addressing their concerns over eating food that was considered unclean because it had been offered to idols. Yesterday's sermon was about this same topic. However, I just want to use Paul's words as advice for wise-living.

We live in a world that offers us a lot of fun. Thanks to free will, we are able to do whatever we want. However, we learn early in life that for every decision there is a consequence. It's easy to get comfortable with the things of the world that seem fun, but ultimately Paul's words ring true: just because we're allowed to do something fun, doesn't mean it's good, or that it's not going to cause harm to us or to someone else.

This week, strive to do only things that are beneficial. Don't be like me- I didn't think about the physics of what I thought would be fun and I paid for it. Think ahead, ask God to give you the foresight to see things that could be physically, emotionally, or spiritually damaging.

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