Sunday, August 10, 2008

They Must Be Giants

Saturday I was reunited with a few people from my past. The youth group from the church I grew up in, was baptized in, and was a member of through high school and college. They were finishing up a mystery trip and needed a place to stay.

As the group walked in and looked around our facility, I immediately noticed a familiar face. Mrs. Lee was the youth volunteer that always seemed to be around. She did Bible studies, trips, messy game nights...everything. Basically, outside of our parents, and the youth director, Mrs. Lee had the most impact on many of the spiritual lives of the people that I went through my years as a youth. The youth director (not the same youth director I had, but still an acquaintance that I'd worked with in the past) did not tell the group that I was going to be there, so it took Mrs. Lee a few seconds to recognize me. We talked for a while and she tried to catch up on the happenings in my life over the past five years.

Mrs. Lee is one of the people that I see as being a spiritual giant in my life. She was a spiritual giant because she was such an influence on my faith formation.

Do you have any spiritual giants in your life? If so, how often do you seek to be around them? My bet is that no matter the number, it would always be helpful if that number was higher. If you don't have a spiritual giant, talk to a pastor about getting a mentor. Learn all you can from those "giants" and be sure to express gratitude for them lending you a hand.

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